It Doesn’t Get Any Easier The second Time Around

Today, after about a month of shear stress and deliberation, I finally bit the bullet, completed the last couple of steps, and sent off my application to UCAS. I have decided to apply for a second degree, because clearly the first 4 years and almost £50k of debt just weren’t enough. The whole decision to … More It Doesn’t Get Any Easier The second Time Around

#20. Leaving Home

Leaving home is one of those time-honoured rites of passage. In theory most people will leave home at some point in their lives, usually by choice but unfortunately not always. No matter the circumstances however, leaving home is always a pretty steep learning curve. I left home at 18 to go to university, and it … More #20. Leaving Home

Who Inspires You?

One question that came up a few times at Survival 3 the other weekend was “Who inspires you?” The answers that people gave were interesting in their own right, but it also got me thinking about who inspires me in my life. Who are those people that you see and think ‘I want to be … More Who Inspires You?