New Year, Better Me

I don’t really believe in making New Year’s resolutions as they never seem to last. We start the year with good intentions, then by February we’ve broken them and are still exactly the same as we were.  That being said this year I’ve made two resolutions and a bet. Both my resolutions are ones that … More New Year, Better Me

Flying Solo

When I wrote about the year I’d had last year I wrote about how I wanted to do more of the things I wanted to do. To go on more adventures. To do more of the things that scare me. One thing I decided was to do things that I wanted, regardless of if I … More Flying Solo

Dear Dad

Dear Dad, It’s taken me a long time to write this. In fact it’s taken me seven months.  It’s just over seven months since you died, and it still hurts, a lot. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that night. Sometimes it feels like the events just play on repeat, all that sadness, hurt, and … More Dear Dad

The Masks We Wear

I haven’t written a blog post in ages and to be quite honest I’ve missed writing. Part of the reason I haven’t written recently is due to being incredibly busy with uni work and not having the motivation to write. But in all honesty the reason that I haven’t written is because I knew that … More The Masks We Wear

It’s a Love Story

When I first saw you it was on the floor of a friend’s bedroom. You had modelled for university photo -film they had produced. I thought you were absolutely gorgeous. A few alcoholic drinks and some stalking of your (very sparse) Facebook profile later I sent you a friend request. To my surprise you actually … More It’s a Love Story


I feeel like, given that it’s the end of the year and that I haven’t written one of these since August, that a new blog post is long overdue. Given that it’s December 31st I feel almost obliged to write some sort of cheesy reflective post about the year I’ve had, so here goes.